The Ultimate FAQ

I’m proud to say that the first FAQ I wrote for the site has been accepted. The question took a good 5-10 minutes for me to unearth the answer.

Wow, I’m gratified to see that technical publishing guru Tim Oreilly wrote a lengthy comment on the interview I did for TeleRead about ebooks. Although I basically agree with his thoughts, I did attempt a kind of reply.

Update: Apparently Tim Oreilly blogged about the  whole ebook pricing strategy on his weblog.

I have been ridiculously busy lately.

I enjoy litblogging a lot, but I never have time for it. So David Rothman and I have come up with a solution: every two weeks or so I will do a mega dump of literary links on teleread. I uncover some great stuff, and it’s a shame, I haven’t even had the time to link to it.

As a preview, here’s a great thoughtpiece by M.A. Orthofer about Jerzy Kosinski.

While listening to a Wired for Books interview with Kosinski, I became extremely intrigued about his autobiographical meta-novel, Hermit of 69th Street. Of course, this sounds remarkably similar to Phillip Roth’s The Counterlife.

Interesting how contemporaneous writers inadvertently have similar ideas. I’m reading Jack Matthew’s Charisma Campaigns and am struck by the similarities between the car salesman protagonist here and Rabbit Angstrom in Rabbit is Rich. In many ways Matthews character is flatter and less interesting, but he tends to “quote” headlines ironically in much the same way that Angstrom tends to recite passages from Consumer Reports. Totally different kind of book though.

Finally, something frivolous: the world’s fastest clapper. Here’s some more background.






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