GDP Map of the World


A totally bizzare map of the world by sharing which states have similar GDPs. This is actually a revision of an earlier graph, and some have accused it of problems. The declining dollar for instance means that the size of our GDP has also been declining. Also, some have argued about whether a Purchasing Power Parity comparison is more accurate than GDP. Still, an interesting intellectual exercise. (More commentary about an earlier version of the map  here)

Here is the original version of the map (without the corrections added to the first map). I include it here because it includes GDP statistics.

Egad, the original image was 180K (I reduced it to 60k).



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2 responses to “GDP Map of the World”

  1. Preston Avatar

    That doesn’t surprise me overly much. Just eyeballing it, I’d say some of the countries in question are roughly the same size as the states with which they are associated. Some are smaller.

  2. Rolston Avatar

    This is fascinating. Considering the number of South Koreans now living in New York State, it’s no wonder their GDP has followed suit. I’m Sure Louisiana’s GDP needs review.

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