Ignoring John Edwards

Jed Report has been gathering statistics about how major media has been ignoring John Edwards.

The growing corporate media blackout of John Edwards is really a rather extraordinary development.

Edwards spent $2.7 million on TV ads in Iowa, compared to $8.3 million for Obama and $6.5 million for Hillary.

Edwards had 175 paid staffers in Iowa compared to 300 for Obama and 400 for Hillary.

Edwards had been in third place since August, trailing both Hillary and Obama in nearly every poll.

For the record, John Edwards came in second; Obama received 16 Iowa delegates. Edwards received 15 and Hilary received 14. Edwards is the only one to elect to receive federal matching funds, and for that reason, I sent him a campaign contribution today.






4 responses to “Ignoring John Edwards”

  1. Trudy Avatar

    John Edwards still has one hurdle to cross. I predict that the MSM will go after the John Edwards – Rielle Hunter love affair story ONLY if he looks to be the nominee.

    The MSM would prefer to just ignore any sex scandal of a politician (Democrat, that is), but they may have to cover the story when Ms. Hunter puts John Edwards on the birth certificate as the father. Under some state laws, it’s the birth certificate that counts for child support, if the “birth father” does not contest it.

    Once Rielle Hunter determines that it would be much easier to get child support if John Edwards is listed on the birth certificate, I think that Ms. Hunter will let the story out. She knows about John Edwards’ fortune and she want it!!

    So, what’s this mean? It’s my opinion that Rielle Hunter’s life could be in danger. John Edwards would do anything to shut her up (and to prevent that baby from being born.) God help her.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Ok, it’s not astroturf, but other than the National Enquirer story (and other stories quoting the Enquirer) I don’t see much there.

    Suppose for a moment that Edwards becomes the frontrunner. He could easily take a DNA test to disprove this, and then the story would be over.

    I will note that your comment did not discuss Edward’s policies on lobbying, foreign policy, health care, etc. I’d like to think that there are more important things to talk about.

  3. Sarah Elkins Avatar

    I remember being impressed with Edwards for being on top of a few technical/Internet-related topics (or someone on his staff, but at least they cared about topics that weren’t getting much press). Alas, the details have slipped away so I can’t point to specifics.

    Re the ignore-Edwards question, the justification I’ve heard/read for this was that he had spent so much time in Iowa, of course he got second place. Not nearly so much mention of the money disparity.

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