International Delete your Myspace Acount Day is Today!

It’s official. According to Bloggasm, (an excellent media blogger named Simon Ownes, btw whom I have been following for a while), today is the perfect day to delete that old unused Myspace account.

My main problems with myspace:

  1. Why should the default be to blast music on people’s home pages?
  2. Why do you have to be a member to download a free song?
  3. Why do the overwhelming majority of unsigned musicians prevent free downloading of their songs?

By the way, I am all in favor of major media companies (especially right-wing ones) overpaying for web properties. Everyone wins (well, except the shareholders).

Read bloggasm’s original myspace diatribe here. See also his insightful post about a fake Brody Ruckus facebook group.

Far more interesting to me than myspace is mydeathspace, a myspace for people who died.






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