Owlcon Tonight (and Tomorrow, and Sunday)

This weekend I’ll be attending my first gaming conference at Rice University called Owlcon. I’m going mainly to Dungeons and Dragons, but apparently there are some LARPs  at the event too. I’m heard about these activities, but assumed they are for the diehard fans (who have the costumes and weaponry and know how to speak in ancient tongues) and not for casual weekend gamers like myself. Honestly, I have no idea how it will go.

I bought the D&D 3.5 books a few months ago (knowing they would go out of date in a few months — boo, hoo). Honestly, I’ve only spent a few hours reading the rules. I look forward to seeing how gameplay differs. 






4 responses to “Owlcon Tonight (and Tomorrow, and Sunday)”

  1. Preston Avatar

    Good luck, man. I hope you hook up with a good GM who is excited about reintroducing someone to gaming, and not “the comic book store guy” from The Simpsons. Definitely let us know how it goes!

  2. Sarah Elkins Avatar

    Have fun! I played 3.5 for a couple of years recently. Not TOO different from old-school AD&D, but then we had a great GM who was more interested in story-telling and the RP part of RPG. We’ve moved on to d20, I’m off to play in our Delta Green campaign in a few minutes! … also, I have several friends who LARP; some are very thorough in preparation, and some just wing it.

  3. Robert Nagle Avatar

    I have planned a post for it next week.

  4. Preston Avatar

    Still waiting on that after-con report. Come on! If you can tell us about Haily Page (interesting post, by the way) then you can tell us what happened at OwlCon.

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