Flirting and the Morose 42 year old

Here’s a lengthy publication about the art of flirting. Lot of obvious points mixed with subtle ones.

A new study reveals that the age of 42 is when people’s happiness is at their lowest.

Amy Sutherland on using animal training principles in negotiating with your spouse. Wow, Jack Shafer dissects the popularity of this article.

At the supermarket yesterday, I glanced at the cover of Cosmopolitan. This particular issue was apparently  “The Sex Issue.”

For a break, here’s Devo’s famous art video which later became one of the first music videos, Jocko Homo.  That ending is one of the most remarkable sonic visual experiences I have encountered.

I just learned today my bicycle was stolen. Not expensive, but annoying. I am 42-year old morose.

Maybe the world’s first animation movie will cheer this 42 year old  up.

No, a blogger does not need to make sense.







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