Suffering with Anticipation (Aka: Where is the remote control?)

Wow. If you remember, one of the games I play regularly is Find the Remote!

I lost my remote control for my TV Thursday night. I know it’s not outside the house. Things I know:

  • not in the bathroom/toilet area. (I’ve done that before–don’t laugh)
  • not in the kitchen (the visible areas anyway)
  • not in the clothes hamper
  • not around the computer area.
  • not under the recliner chair

Losing this is immensely irritating (I can turn the TV on and off, but can only watch PBS).  I have a Netflix video to watch and more importantly, exercise videos to do. But it’s also fun. I’m dying to know where I put it. Any ideas? (Will report back).

Update: I found the remote control 11:00 PM Sunday night.  It was hidden next to my recliner chair under some papers. Wow, I really lost that time!






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