Details of my September Europe trip.

I’ll be leaving Thursday night from Houston and meeting a Ukrainian student friend of mine  in Stuttgart Germany Friday night. I’ll stay in Germany for 3 days, go to Ireland for 8 days, return to Stuttgart to catch a plane to Tirana (where I’ll spend 8 or 9 days). I plan to visit friends in Vlore, Tirana and Prishtine, and then return home on Saturday Sept 27.

It’s a convoluted journey–why it’s much cheaper to go from Stuttgart to Tirana via London seems bizarre; I’m looking into the possibility of not returning to Stuttgart, but just traveling by land from Ireland to London (where I could catch the second part  of my Stuttgart-London-Tirana trip). Travelling by bus or train would be much more fun than waiting an extra day in an airport.

Update: It now appears that I am not allowed to skip the Stuttgart to London leg of the trip. Apparently that violates the original and they would have to cancel the second leg. Oh, well. BTW, after trying different variations so I didn’t have to go back to Stuttgart, the cost soared to $3200 (double the original ticket price). Crazy airplane economics!)

Description of Trip (Summary)

Depart Houston Thur Sept 4 8:00 PM IAH British Airways
(stop London)
Arrive Stuttgart, Germany Fri Sept 5 10:45 PM

Depart Stuttgart Tue Sept 9 6:00 AM Swiss Airline
(stop Zurich)
Arrive Dublin Tue Sept 9 10:30 AM

Depart Dublin Wed Sept 17 11:15 AM Swiss Airline
(stop Zurich)
Arrive Stuttgart Wed Sept 17 6:05 PM

Depart Stuttgart Thur Sept 18 7:00 AM British Airways
(stop London)
Arrive Tirana, Albania Thur Sept 18  7:45 PM

Depart Tirana, Albania Sat Sept 27 8:40 PM British Airways
(stop London)
Arrive Houston Sun Sept 28 2:40 PM

Trip Details:

Stuttgart Details: Sommerrain train stop S2, S3

Here is my travel insurance policy



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2 responses to “Details of my September Europe trip.”

  1. Sarah Elkins Avatar

    Stuttgart! I liked that place. If you get a chance and are interested, check out the Spielkarten museum.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Wow, thanks for the link. i’ll read it soon.

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