Things to say (which I will not say)

Over the past week or two I’ve made mental notes to blog about a few things. Whenever I have free time to do so,  I have absolutely no desire. Blogging is something you have to do on a whim. I become a little worried when bloggers spend a lot of time constructing their thoughts. I do too, but usually I just will start writing something at random and then embellish it over the following week or two. At other times I want to blog just for the sake of blogging (and if you’ve followed this blog a while, you recognize when those days will occur–I’ll post 5 or 6 things on one day).

This is not one of those days. But today seemed like a perfect day to point this out.






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  1. pat Avatar

    Hello sir!……..typed n “austin sucks” in google and found your hilarious article “the girl that got away” story about Austin! I too live there and went throught your experience! Got a degree at UT – moved there in 90, and got degree in 92. LOVED AUSTIN until 94-95 when the Silicon jerks started to take over and rentals started to double! All the cool/poor artists of the 80’s era started to fade by the mid-90’s as did Austin’s personality. It got vain and shallow when the Californians showed up. Food and other stuff remained reasonable, but housing become insanely expensive. Like a fool I wanted to stay there and did through Sept.-99 (when I too was flat broke (all my school buddies had the sence to move years earlier)). i should have left austin two years earilier actually. Its been nearly 10-yrs since I’ve been there: I wonder if it is still expensive living there.

    I see you went to Trinity in the 80’s – did you know Allison Roades? she was a bartender in Oklahoma, had a date with her: only she didn’t bother to tell me she was living with a guy at the time!! – class act she was.

    thanks for the Story – it made my day ;-).

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