Deconstructing Satire

Tom Tomorrow notes that in the satirical Obama cover for this week’s  New Yorker,  the NYT coverage of the scandal interviewed several TV hosts but no political cartoonists. Here’s his great lesson on how to deconstruct (and degut) a piece of satire .

Here’s a good interview with Obama by Farreed Zacharia. I wish someone would appoint him to be secretary of state.   It always is amusing to watch him be a guest star on  ABC’s This Week and to see him undermine every argument made by George Will. Alas, I have stopped watching that show.

A commenter lampoons the attitude that we should bomb Iran in order to “awaken the international community from its slumber and force it to finally engineer a solution to the crisis.”

This is a theory that cries out for broader application: The next time you’re sitting around a conference table at work and things aren’t going anywhere fast, just go ahead and randomly deck someone on the other side. Or maybe cut one of his or her fingers off with a plastic knife from the sandwich tray. That should really stir the pot and push the problem toward resolution.







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