How to Spot a Man who is an Asshole

i hesitated about linking to this article titled "16 Commandments of Poon", but I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. (Btw, don’t bother reading the comments).  Occasionally I stumble upon pages about how alpha males should behave. I don’t know how seriously to take  well-written  nonsense like this. Perhaps it was written ironically.

To my female readers: if you meet a man who follows any of these rules, run away! run away!  

For the men, I posted some cynical rants by  Heartless Bitches  in my semi-defunct Unsolved heart weblog.  For future reference, I’ll look around for something less cynical to post about relationships.






3 responses to “How to Spot a Man who is an Asshole”

  1. Kick a Bitch Avatar
    Kick a Bitch

    lol… the funny thing about your beta rantings is that the men that behave in this manner get mad pussy. not only that, but i myself adhere to these commandments and i can tell you with 100% honesty that a majority of them have been either taught to me already or reinforced by females that i have dated.

    wake up dude, most women WANT to be be with men that exhibit the behaviors mentioned in Roissy’s post.

    if($you == “beta”) {
    $you -= “pussy”;

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Ok, this is a silly comment, but at least you tried to engage with me.

    Roissy has interesting things to say and has hit upon certain truths, although it’s a very mechanistic approach to dating. Roissy has a following (and deservedly so, I think). But just like Pick up Artists and The Rules, I just feel that they are too obsessed about “getting ahead” or “getting what you deserve” rather than finding someone to love. “Beta” is an artificial term thrown around (like “terrorist” or “loser”). Emotionally-laden, but ultimately empty. The mistake Roissy makes is in assuming that being attractive to the opposite sex is simply a matter of deciding to adopt a label or following a set of rules.

    Anyway, I would much rather be a “beta” than to treat the opposite sex disrespectfully.

    I think women have a lot of problems with the way they sometimes demean men. There are legitimate grievances and frustrations. But let’s not start throwing around profanities and convincing ourselves that women like it.

  3. Cristina Avatar

    I am a 60 year old woman, and one of the top 10 richest women in the world – really. I spent 30 years dating such game-playing empty-hearted jerks, and ending up heart broken. One day, I met an honest man, with his heart out on a plate. I fell in love, true love, instantly. We have been together ever since, had children and we are now facing death together – we are both going to die within about a year, of cancer. Indeed, the alpha male will die alone, full of … s… emptiness — because he has no heart, no brain and no God. A wasted life to vanity. He just did not know any better.

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