Video: Count the Number of Basketball Passes by People with White Shirts!

This is an interesting game.

This is a short, but fascinating two-part test of your perceptual abilities. For the first part, you will be shown a 30-second video of six college students divided into two teams. Three students are wearing white T-shirts, while the other three are wearing black. Each team has a basketball which they are passing to members of their team. Your task is to count the number of passes made by the team wearing white T-shirts. Click the link below to watch the video and then return here for part two.

Note: One gender has proven to be more perceptive. Which do you think it is?

Robert writes: In basketball, a “bounce pass” (where you bounce a ball on the ground) and a “throwing pass” (where there are no bounces) are both considered to be passes. Try to be as accurate as you can.

After you finish, you can go to part 2 for an analysis.







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