Back to Houston, Back to Work

I’ve been busy with a work deadline, and last week I went to Austin for an outstanding aquatic holiday. I’ll be catching up this week and next. In the meantime, I’ve broken an old toy (Cybook) and bought a new one (Sony PRS-505). Two weeks ago Sony announced support for Adobe Digital Editions and Secure PDFs and .epub. This is a gigantic development and a reason why Sony Reader 505 is now winning the ebook game (despite what the numbers say).

Note: If buying an e-ink device, be sure to:

  1. do not treat it as a book! The displays are very fragile and are reporting a 10-15% breakage rate in the first year. You cannot and should not load them in a backpack filled with other things like textbooks.
  2. buy an accident/extended warranty.

I know, extended plans are kind of a rip off, but if your display breaks (as mine did), replacement cost is $150-200.  I don’t want to be paranoid; the ebook devices are fairly sturdy, but you not appreciate the amount of pressure you are putting on the screen.







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