New local blog: KPRC reporter Amy Davis

I always am pleasantly surprised to discover a new local journalist or blogger. How easy it is to be distracted by national or international news stories and forget that interesting things are happening in your own backyard.

Last Thursday, I saw a great report by KPRC reporter Amy Davis about political contributor Rick Perry. Short, punchy, effective presentation. The highlights:

“People would say he’s the only individual who could afford his own state agency,” said McDonald. “They say his political donations actually resulted in the creation of the Texas Residential Construction Commission.”

The commission was advertised as giving customers a place to sort out problems with faulty builders before going to court. Just last week, a sunset advisory committee recommended shutting down the commission.

“It (TRCC) has been a failure. It really supports the home building industry and doesn’t support consumers,” Mc Donald said.

I had come across the factoid about Rick Perry’s political contributions on another post about how Texas homeowners can’t sue their builders. But it’s nice to learn that Perry was one of the original Swift Boat contributors—Texas values indeed.

Amy Davis apparently has a consumerist blog which is fun to read. Here’s where she calls the bluff of a Bank of America PR statement.







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