Not the only Robert!?!

A little while ago, I posted my travel itinerary on this weblog.  I noticed that I could google that URL pretty easily. (All I had to do was google Robert Nagle Europe trip). That seemed plausible. This  time, however, I just typed Robert Europe trip  (no quotation marks), and my link appear as the number one link. Wow, am I the only  person named Robert who has ever traveled to Europe? Attention, Mr.  Scobelizer, Redford and Zemekis, I got dibs on Europe. Don’t ever go there or blog about it! 






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  1. HeavyG Avatar

    Tried to post this over at your post on TeleRead but it coughed when I tried to submit it.


    You might want to give a visit. They sell accident/theft/loss insurance for laptops, desktops, pdas, etc. They didn’t specifically have any ebook reader equipment listed so you may want to call their toll free number.

    They sell a lot of policies to college students (I just bought one for my daughter’s MacBook before she went off to college last week).

    The policy may cost a bit more than Sony’s but you can probably add some of your other gizmos to the policy.

    OTOH it might be cheaper/easier just to return the Sony, pay the restocking fee and then turn around a buy a brand new one to qualify for Sony’s insurance.

    If you take the Sony you might also want to get a cover similar to the Kindle cover. I NEVER carry my Kindle around sans cover. The Kindle cover is stiff enough that it offers protection from puncture and bending type damage.

    Good call on taking the x51v – great device, great screen (better than the iPhone’s) and I agree Newsbreak is a great app.

    You might want to just load up an SD card with some mp3’s and use your x51v as an mp3 player with some earbuds.

    Coincidentally I just bought my daughter the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 (blue body) a week before she left for college. Pretty cool camera. Good for traveling as it has a rather wide angle and a 10x zoom.

    You can also plug the camera into a tv and display your photos and videos to friends and family that way.

    Even though I’m a middle-aged guy I would have to add one more gizmo for such a long trip – I couldn’t go on a three week vacation without my Nintendo DS and Mario Kart(though there are some decent games for the Axim so maybe I could leave it behind).

    Bon voyage and godspeed!

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