Quick Update — Car Stolen

My car was stolen last night. Details coming soon. If you remember, I was robbed at gunpoint 2 years ago. I guess it’s time to resurrect that series.






2 responses to “Quick Update — Car Stolen”

  1. computer backup Avatar

    u didnt happen to have a low-jack installed in it? :/

  2. kerguelen Avatar

    Oh my… I crashed my car two years ago when I rammed into a… roe deer (surely 0.05% chance such a event occurs). Our situations are not similar but I know what is it to be deprived of his car.
    I hope the case will evolve in a favourable way for you.

    It seems (the robbery two years ago) that you experienced some bad experiences in Houston. With more than 2 millions inhabitants I guess it’s a city which offers a wide range of opportunenesses, possibilities…. and dangers.
    For my part I live in the city of Pau (south of France, “région” Aquitaine). This city counts 78 000 inhabitants. Last news item? 4 fundamentalist catholic boys were arrested because they stoled and destroyed condom machines which were “against their beliefs” (authentic!). Of course Pau is a very pleasant city but a little sleepy.

    For the moment, stay cool! It’s the only thing to do.

    PS: I answered to your kind message. I’m a complete beginner in the realm of mails. I don’t know why your message appeared in my spam box. When I send my answer I didn’t think to modify its title. Absolutely no insults intended for you!

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