Slight Pangs of Remorse

Even when I don’t blog, I come across lots of bloggable things. Really though, not blogging doesn’t worry me (especially when I am busy with other things).

However, Bernie Mac’s death was a major blow to me. If you recall, I now rank Bernie Mac show as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.  Pairing Larry Wilmore with Bernie Mac just was a great combination.

I was extremely grateful to come across a great profile by Chris Norris about Bernie Mac in 2002. Long and full of details.

The real-life inspirations for the kid-whupped Bernie Mac character are diverse and composite. In the mid-90’s, while raising the teenage Je’Niece, Mac and his wife also took in Mac’s 16-year-old niece, Toya, along with her 2-year-old daughter. Around the same time, a friend of the family took in her drug-plagued sister’s three children. While Mac found the strong-willed Toya to be an occasional discipline problem, he was scandalized by his friend’s three adoptees. ”I came over one day,” he recalls, ”and they was talkin’ back to her, sassin’ her, and I just kinda took over. She was crying, saying, ‘Mac, man, I wish you could stay.’ And I told her: ‘Man, get a bat. Bust ’em in the head when they talk to you like that.’ She was crying, and that started making her laugh. And I started writing.”

What a thankless job to write these celebrity profiles. Here are some other pieces by Chris Norris: review of a Michel Gondry video and several other music reviews/profiles on Spin. I’ve always felt that every newspaper should make a byline a link to all the articles by the same person on that publication. You’d be surprised sometimes how hard it is to locate other writings by a regular writer on a newspaper site.

In other news, I am close to buying a camera and have been experimenting with drupal a lot.






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