Month: September 2008

  • Coming Back Home

    I’m back! Here’s what’s new: I had a fantastic time overseas. I’ll be dripping with details over the next few weeks, but none for now. I lost 8 pounds over the course of my trip, accelerating my weight reduction goals.  I started out at 220 in the middle of June. 3 months later, I’m at…

  • Update: Albania trip

    I survived Ireland and now am in Tirane. I will be in Prishtine. I have nothing really to say now. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Update: hurricane

    Just repeat: I am not in the middle of a hurricane. I am in Ireland hiking away.

  • Political distractions

    (sorry, I posted this last week, but apparently forgot to publish). Barack Obama on the Indonesia coup in the 1960s. Fascinating read. (Found by Jonathan Schwarz). From Reality based community (via Easter Lemming Liberal): Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor. Thomas Friedman on the $1 billion aid package to Georgia: On…

  • On my europe trip; posting infrequently

    I forgot to mention. My Europe trip has already commenced. I probably won´t be posting a lot until September 28 or so. In other news, Germany has a Mango+chili Lindt chocolate that is very interesting. I am happy to report that my stowaway bluetooth keyboard for my PDA just works dandy.

  • Yanz Kezboards!

    Amayzinglz, on German kezboards, some of the letters are rearranged. Mz life is becoming topszßturvz!

  • More Python

    Several Monty Python sketches: Philosophy Football and Silly Olympics , Summarize Proust Competition

  • Please DIGG this post!

    If you are a DIGGing kind of person, I strongly encourage you to digg this story I wrote about Megan Crouch.  Thanks.

  • 3 Intelligent Things to Say about Bristol

    Wow, a scandal involving Bristol, the daughter of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.  Here are two comments by people on NYT (most of the comments there are inappropriate and tasteless, but I found two good ones). Comic. “Am I the only one thinking of Juno ?  the movie, not the Alaska capital”. Social Policy.  “If…

  • Look for the American Flag

    This is not a subject I normally get excited about, but two days I bought the most incredible tennis shoes! Skechers has some incredibly stylish and comfortable shoes. Question: How do you know if a pair of tennis shoes has been made in China? Check for a picture of the American flag or the words…