Coming Back Home

I’m back! Here’s what’s new:

I had a fantastic time overseas. I’ll be dripping with details over the next few weeks, but none for now.

I lost 8 pounds over the course of my trip, accelerating my weight reduction goals.  I started out at 220 in the middle of June. 3 months later, I’m at 197 (which blows my mind!).  According to BMI standards, not being overweight (i.e., being under 25 BMI) occurs once  I reach 184 pounds. Realistically though, I had targeted 190 as an optimum weight.  The key question is whether I can keep the pounds down. Although I expect my weight to increase slightly over the next week or two (adjusting to the more sedentary lifestyle of the US), I don’t expect major problems. Because I’ve committed to weighing myself every day indefinitely, I won’t ever let things slide. (Yes, I still keep my strange campaign page as my home page at work and home). Ironically, the last time my weight was 197 was in 1997 or so.

My stolen car was reported found last night. It is almost as though the robber was waiting until after my Europe trip to return it.

Apparently, Houston experienced a meltdown with its power grid during the hurricane. (Apparently my family was thrown into complete disarray for at least a week, and we were one of the lucky ones). I still can’t believe it. Is the Houston power grid really that vulnerable to shutdown? Hey, if someone is looking for a place to spend an extra 700 billion dollars,  infrastructure seems like a good place as any (so does green technology).

I am happy to report that my Panasonic TZ5 camera (with video capability) works great! It’s a great travel camera.

yesterday, I rode my bike around southwest Houston to run errands and when I came home, I swam for 30 minutes! That’s a reason I love this city.






3 responses to “Coming Back Home”

  1. kerguelen Avatar

    Welcome home, mr Nagle!

    You said you lost 8 pounds (roughly 4 “kilogrammes” isnt’it?) in Europe! Even if it fulfils your goals, your report doesn’t make up a good advertisement for tourism in my old continent….
    If you come back here try the traditionnal french cooking (like the “confit de canard avec pommes de terre à la sarladaise”, so goooooooooooood!). Except if you really want to lose weight, this kind of dish will grant all your desires on earth.

    Nice to read the latest news about your car.

    Last but not least if I am well informed, it looks like the 700 billion (“milliards”?) dollars are finally available outside Wall Street. More seriously the situation looks more and more grim.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    No, I ate some ice cream and had some good meals. The difference is that I exercised more and did a lot of walking.

    I am glad to be back.

  3. Jim Thompson Avatar

    Welcome home, Robert.

    I’m catching up to you. I’m down to 205, from my starting point of 263 in March. On the other hand, I don’t think I could travel to Europe and actually lose weight. Good job.

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