Not Posting (Again!)

I can’t explain this illness of not being able to post. Previously, it was so effortless. Granted, I have been extremely busy lately, but every time I think I have something to blog about, I end up not blogging it.

I have been reading and thinking a lot, and my life is changing in unexpected ways (did I mention my car was flooded last week?). On the other hand, I have not had a chance to do much reading (it pains me) though I started playing the videogame Spore with my nephew.

There’s a lot of election stuff to write about, but alas, isn’t it a foregone conclusion? (Easter Lemming Liberal has provided some gems. See this hard-hitting TV journalism about Harris County voting records by Channel 11 KHOU

Ron Howard makes a sincere but effective political commercialNatalie Portman gets on the bandwagon (funny, nonfemales and noncelebrities could never get away with this malarkey).

When you fall behind on blogging and intellectual stuff in general, you continue reading, but you no longer have cutting edge insights; you are busy playing a game of catch up.

In other news, I will be doing nanowrimo again this year in November.







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