Random Thoughts

I was going to have a teleconference/podcast at noon when the third party which provided the service had technology glitches.  Isn’t technology so predictable?

I ate at a sit down restaurant where the radio blared through the dining area, including the annoying commercials. Why on earth would a restaurant think its customers would like this sort of thing?

I ordered a few books from half.com yesterday. Gosh, half.com has one of the worst user interfaces on the web. Every week or so it “reminds me” that items I had bookmarked were going to be deleted soon unless I take action. Wait, if I do nothing, then it will be more difficult to order through half.com. Why on earth would that help the company?

Obama/Election. I don’t have any novel thoughts here. Let me drag up something.

  1. Apparently early voting was very big, and when it was added to the totals, it would say 0% of the totals reported.  I understand why it could not ascertain a correct percentage (although it could rely on historical data from last election perhaps), but something needs to change.
  2. It bothers me a lot that the media gets to report the election before all the polls closed. Geez, why can’t all the polls close at exactly the same time?  (Just make sure that the time for early voting is long enough though).
  3. Both TV reporting and internet reporting was terrible…although not in ways you’d expect. There were basically 10-20 close national races, and on the major sites it was practically impossible to keep track of results.
  4. Google Election site was ok, but I really liked Google in Quotes.
  5. Although it’s somewhat crazy that Alaska elected a convicted felon, it has a certain rationality. The governor can appoint a new senator if Ted Stevens resigns. Therefore, in a way, Alaskans were voting for Palin for US Senator.

More thoughts.

Cost of used books are soaring as a result of postage price increases. Minimum total price of paperbacks is $4.75. That tells me that ebooks will be growing more economical. the time to buy old print copies of things is departing quickly.

I accidentally disabled my VCR from my TV, and I find I really don’t miss recording shows on mainstream airwaves.  Leave aside the legal questions, downloading 30 minute episodes is a lot easier than having to remember to program your recorder. Also, it is much easier to download mp3s of news shows. By the way, why do we say people “watch the news”? Why must we watch; can’t we merely listen?

Delicious updated their user interface. Now it is completely unusable!  

I received an email from an email rating service. They rated my blog as a 7.3. I bet they were expecting that I would hang up some banner or link to their company. Hey, 7.3 blogs don’t do that.

Why do flash players/youtube players cause Firefox memory use to bloat?

Here’s an amazing 9 minute medley of songs by the Standalls, a 1960s garage band. Fun fact: Standells performed on the Munsters TV show to sing I wanna hold your hand. How embarassing is that? 

See also Sonics Strychnine. Sonics were  a Seattle garage band from the 1960s. See also: Have love will travel.






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