This Morning’s Internet Catastrophe

This morning, I had a  disaster. While perched in front of my PC trying to send my friend an email, an entire bowl of warm oatmeal spilled over my lap and seat. Multitasking does have negative consequences.

Analyzing the situation some more, this underscores my conviction of the need for a kitchen table. I for one do not possess a kitchen table (mainly for space reasons), and so most of the time I end up eating while web surfing at my desk or watching TV. This explains why I caught on so quickly about the vomiting/TV international conspiracy . It also explains why a lot of crumbs and dirty dishes tend to accumulate around my computer area (in addition to roaches).  It also explains why my reading has fallen off as of late. Instead of reading actual fiction, I end up reading crap on the Internet (highfalutin crap, but still). Stuff you read on the Internet is like MacDonalds food; tasty, but an hour or two later, you have regrets.

I just have to wonder. Why on earth did I ever think I could hold a dish of oatmeal with one hand and send email with another?

So I now have a request for the Internet borg collective. Do you have any Houston-specific suggestions about buying a kitchen table?






One response to “This Morning’s Internet Catastrophe”

  1. Anne Gentle Avatar

    Wow, what an oatmeal accident.

    I love Craigslist for tables, desks, that sort of thing. Craigslist for furniture might work best in Austin due to the college student population though. 🙂

    If it weren’t for the glass top I’d recommend this table: I say “but for the glass top” because of how laptops tend to get hot and even on tempered glass I have a fear of cracking. I like it because it can serve as a desk/table.

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