Charlie Rose, meet Samuel Becket

Comic experimental video, Charlie Rose by Samuel Becket. Starts off as a gag, but it really succeeds. Google. Google. Google.

It occurs to me now. The reason why Charlie Rose invites so many business and media blowhards may simply to ensure that these tycoons contribute a lot to PBS. Be a contributor and then Charlie Rose will get around to interviewing you. I could live with that.

For something similar, see RX’s Imagine .  or Dick is a Killer. Rx (aka thepartyparty) remixes media clicks of politicians and makes them into something stupendous and melodically interesting. Imagine seems to have a political message, but really it is attempting to recontextualize media soundbites. If a dj can take these provocative/bland/rhetorical soundbites and package them into something pleasant to listen to, why shouldn’t we also?






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