How to Obtain low-priced electricity in Texas

Texans probably already know that this site can help you choose a good energy provider.  It is also a great place to compare plans with carbon-neutral renewable energy plans. Here are some things I learned:

  • apparently variable rates vary wildly over time. (surprise, surprise). This happened last summer when natural gas prices skyrocketed; some people on variable plans were reporting that the electricity rates had practically doubled overnight.
  • Some people lock in a rate through a fixed plan, but when the fixed plan expires, they forget to lock in another rate. As a result, the variable rate keeps climbing, and the prices keep becoming more expensive.
  • Fixed rates may be a little more expensive, but they prevent too many fluctuations in what you pay (especially if it happens during a month with high energy use).

Here’s a comparison of rate plans in Texas . Here’s a blog dedicated to following the fluctuations in Texas energy prices (you need to make sure not to confuse the legitimate posts with the banner ads though). Here’s all posts related to Houston rates.

Yesterday I locked in a  renewable energy 12 month rate of 13.05 cents per kilowatt with Dynowatt. Actually, many people complained about the variable rate plan last summer when they jacked up rates from 14 cents a minute to 23 cents, but with a fixed rate, you’re safe. As long as you remember to get a fixed rate the next time. 







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