Help! No More Greased Lightning!

I was surfing away on some random topic when I heard the song Greased Lightning play spontaneously on my speakers. It kept playing and playing and playing while I frantically tried to figure out which crappy web page was sending it to my audio speakers. Seriously I had about 100 web pages open and even an online radio station, but I could not figure out where the damn music was coming from. Suddenly I felt like one of those Gitmo prisoners  who was subjected to 12 continuous hours of Journey songs. Finally I identified the offending web page  and killed it, but it was too late…I was already permanently scarred.

The broadcast medium aims to take control of your attention span; blogs and text offer you the freedom of selective attention.

What I want is the ability to mute everything at will.






4 responses to “Help! No More Greased Lightning!”

  1. Frank Carver Avatar

    Um.. isn’t that called the off-switch on your speakers? Or at least the little speaker icon that offers a volume control if your speakers are built-in.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    On-off switch…fancy that! Crazy invention…did that come from the MS labs? Where is the button that says “Turn off the song Greased Lightning!”

    No, I had Internet radio playing and wanted to keep listening to it. I was listening to this piano piece .

  3. Frank Carver Avatar

    Interesting piece. The sparseness evokes all sorts of visual images.

    And best of all it’s CC by-nc-sa so I can use it in video-making.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Frank, I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’m about to make a massive blogpost about my favorite artists on jamendo. Serge Robinson has put up like 100 hours of music on jamendo. It’s great, and I’ll try to post the massive blogpost in the next week.

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