Some musical Youtube vids to knock your ears off

Blue Man Group performs Donna Summer’s classic song, I feel Love. (The singer Venus Hum  is excellent too!) . Here is Donna Summer’s original song  and here is an amazing techno version of the song (which I consider to be the definitive version).  Apparently there are a 100+ remixes of this song on youtube. Here for example is Madonna’s live performance in Amsterdam. Here is an example of Donna Summer’s onstage orgasmic qualities in Italy.

Other youtubes: That’s Not my Name by Ting Tings . Also, this amazing techno group called Lele. Here’s Breakfast (warning: lyrics) and Skinny Jeans. Here’s a nice amateur-style  video of Ann McCue’s I want you back .  I once heard an Ann McCue song on the radio which knocked my song off. The DJ announced that she was in town, and I saw her perform. God, she was terrific.

Here’s a famous Bollywood song from a famous movie starring Madhuballa (she was not the singer, just the performer; yet she is more identified with the song than Lata who sang the song).

Also, I thought I had seen and had everything by Louis Armstrong. Here is an amazing performance of Hello Dolly. It is amazing how many people in youtube comments say they expect to meet Louis Armstrong in heaven. I certainly do.  One all time fave is him and Ella singing Heaven (cheek-to-cheek).  Once in Nesebar, Bulgaria I went to a restaurant/cafe where they played nothing but Louis Armstrong songs. Surreal but still inoffensive.








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