Why I haven’t been blogging

God, I have busy writing…too busy to post here.

Most importantly, I have been working on my fiction project. Not as much progress as I hoped, but still a good amount.

I have been posting a lot of comments on other’s people’s blogs. I know that seems like a waste of my time, but in another sense, I am simply promoting my own writing by doing so. I remain actively engaged with lots of writers. 

I keep a file in Google Docs called “March 2009 Blog Comments”  which contains my dump of all my comments. I seriously considered the idea of dumping its contents into a single blog post. Occasionally though I reveal a little too much in my comments; at other times, I post under a pseudonym.

In other activities, I have been sending a lot of email to people. Also, I have have productive and interesting skype chats with an Albanian friend which I will have to keep archives of (reminder to self). For some reason, I have been very busy on facebook. I have lots of thoughts about facebook, but for the last month or so, I have found facebook both interesting and useful.

Ironically, being out of work causes one to become more niggardly about blogging. Blogging is a way of blowing off steam, it’s not really considered a legitimate outlet for my writing (whereas I can somehow justify using my down time to write fiction).

I hope to catch up with my thoughts very soon.







2 responses to “Why I haven’t been blogging”

  1. Marina Martin Avatar

    Are you familiar with BackType (http://www.backtype.com)? It automatically parses most blog comments and collects the ones attributed to you on a single page — and emails you each time it finds one. I’ve been using it for awhile now and sometimes it finds a new comment within just a couple minutes… I’ve been impressed.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Thanks, now I know. I used it just now and found it only recorded about 1/10 of my comments. Unsure about the reason.

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