Starved for a good title (It is delightful to be jolly)

In case people who read my previous post worried that I am becoming suicidal, have no fear: I am generally a jolly person; I just happen to like feeding myself with moderate doses of romantic cynicism once in a while.

So to demonstrate my general cheeriness, I’ll mention some  mood picker-uppers on  youtube.

Luise Rainer sings ‘”It is delightful to be married” from the classic film Great Ziegfeld.

Or Fantastic Plastic Machines’ Dear Mr. Salesman.

See also Pregnant Women are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates.

Third, a totally bizarre stylish French mini-video (from the film Paris, Je T’aime).   The song at the end is by Faye Wong.

Fourth, here’s a literal version of the 80s video Total Eclipse of the Heart.  If you don’t know what it is, watching it will make it quickly apparent to you.

Here’s a syrupy romantic tune, Herb Albert singing This Guy’s in Love with You. This Bachelor song is one of my faves. (Yes, Albert is being introduced by the Carpenters)

Folks, that’s about as upbeat as I can get.






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