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Despite my lack of blogging, I regularly come across some things that are amazing and bloggable. I have second thoughts about sharing them because 1)most other bloggers already know about them, and 2)I have so few readers as it is. I’m going to resolve to do a linksdump at least once per week (although to be fair I have a lot of things going on).

The stimulus was the first of three major initiatives intended to steer the economy toward something more like Amory Lovins’s soft path. To fill the tax-equity gap, the stimulus provides $32.7 billion in direct grants and another $134 billion in loan guarantees to attract new investors to large projects. To impose stability, it extends a variety of tax credits by anywhere from three to eight years. Most striking of all, it instructs the Department of Energy to invest directly in promising cleantech companies (though the payoff comes in jobs and environmental gains, not equity). By a stroke of his pen, President Obama made a federal agency the world’s largest venture capitalist. When the official in charge of the program appeared at a Santa Barbara energy conference in March, he was mobbed by eager CEOs.

So far, so good. “The stimulus package essentially saved the renewable-energy industry in the United States,” says Raj Atluru, managing director of the venture-capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson.


  • Finally here’s a steal from Tom Tomorrow. Sorry Tom!  His children’s book Very Silly Mayor will be released in October.  I just wanted to say I remember Tom Tomorrow’s pieces about health care reform in the early 1990s. So when he talks about 20 years, he knows what he’s talking about!







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    You mention a guide to using Saved Passwords in Firefox. Is there a link?

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