Comic Gems

Here’s one of my favorite comic episodes of my favorite TV show Cheers. Simon Says  (starring John Cleese as a madcap couples therapist paid by Frazier to counsel Sam and Diane). On Youtube they divide the 26 minute episode into three parts of 8 minutes each. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

See also: AV Club’s 22 TV Series Not ruined when two characters hooked up.  From the same website, 25 (mostly crappy) songs that try to talk you out of suicide and 36 (mostly excellent) songs to soundtrack your suicide.  Morbidness aside, a pretty interesting list.

From 3rd Rock, there is another John Cleese cameo  in Mary Loves Scoochie. It’s a two part episode (broken down into three parts per episode on Youtube). Here’s Part One and Part Two.  I recognize that watching sitcoms on youtube is not ideal, and even Hulu really sucks, but that’s what we have for now.  I confess I’m not sure whether I should be sharing these things on my blog (it’s pretty ephemeral), but who cares?






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