How Not to Make a Marriage Proposal Video for Youtube

This wedding proposal video has so many things wrong with it I don’t know where to begin.

Some lessons can be learned:

  1. Don’t call your video “Greatest Wedding Video of All Time.” Everyone says that.
  2. Don’t bring the girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend along!  And don’t let the ex suggest things  to say!
  3. If you are videotaping, please don’t talk a lot  and keep  using the F word!! Stop making fun of the future bride’s hat!
  4. Also, if you are videotaping, don’t scream, “We love you!” before the girl has time to say yes.

To summarize: Make sure that the microphone is recording the proposal, not the people in the other car!

(Seriously, for all its nuttiness, I hope it worked out in the end).

For more pointers, check this list of the best youtube marriage proposals.

Update: This video was taken down. Tragedy!  A friend who is a policeman decides to stage an arrest of the man proposing. Odd idea, but the execution is just atrocious. The policeman brings along one of the girl’s ex-boyfriends  ( to hold the camera). The people in the police car are drunk and tossing off profanities while laughing. The man’s friends have good intentions and were just trying to be funny, but they are absolutely clueless about how the video will appear later on.  There’s a lesson to be learned here: what might strike you as funny at the time will seem ridiculously tasteless years later.







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