Correcting the errors of Superfreakonomics (Part 347)

As much as I care about climate change, I am weary of the argumentation. Just today a friend sent me a wretched piece about global warming if only to make me mad. is less argumentative (although the comments sometimes devolve), and if you read just the posts (not the comments), you gain a better understanding of the science. It feels good. I’m getting to the point where I just want to hear what real scientists have to say. I really don’t consider myself a scientist (although I sometimes wish that I had taken a few more science classes at school and with more enthusiasm).  But the endless arguing over the same rhetorical points seems unproductive.

Here’s a piece complaining about the shallowness of the Superfreakonomics book. One of seven million. (I expect that years from now, these points will be brought up). 

Finally, here is a forum at the Physics Forums that discusses climate change questions, with a policy that only peer-reviewed journals can be cited. As a result, the discussions tend to be a lot more fruitful.






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