Charleston Town Center Mall abuses private citizens!

A few days ago an internationally known award-winning photographer was arrested for innocuous taking of photos (and allegedly resisting arrest). Gary Harki writes a great story of the incident.

As it happens, this photographer was arrested once before – for taking photos of Bill Gates wedding from a public place. The photographer sued the major employer at the island and Bill Gates himself and ended up settling for a substantial sum about false arrest (which he donated to a local school to set up a scholarship fund). He ended up receiving an apology letter written by Bill Gates himself.

Harki reports:

Rensberger said he doesn’t know if he will sue the department over the incident.

"I don’t think I have a choice," he said. "If this guy shows that kind of force to a guy who took a picture of a choir and of Santa and a uniformed police officer in the mall, then what kind of force is he going to show someone in a dark alley somewhere where no one was watching."

That’s a lawsuit I’ll be watching for. Other professional photographers weigh in.







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