Scary Information – Should I be posting this?

Some psychologists have figured out that women have more orgasms with wealthier men.

For female readers of this blog, my net worth at the moment is $1.4 billion.

I wonder: does sexual excitability result from the perception that a male partner is wealthy or  from the prolonged  enjoyment of an affluent lifestyle?

An affluent person might be in a  better position to appreciate metropolitan opera, but that does not make this person more musical, nor does it make a poor person incapable  of singing an aria from  La Traviata.

I certainly will not begrudge a woman’s efforts to find the most sexually compatible partner.  But identifying this biological trigger seems to explain why so many people prize material wealth for its own sake and why those who don’t do this are generally ignored.

2012 Postscript When I wrote this piece my net worth was peanuts; I was seriously underemployed and swimming in poverty. (Things are much better now).  I just wanted to point out that a blogger may have deeper motives for blogging about something than it may seem.  Sometimes abject poverty provides a good perspective for writing about certain things and pointing out  the inequities of the world. The freedom to speak about these things on this blog arises from the certainty that whatever I write will generally be overlooked. And if my future wife is reading this, the wealthy man you know and the poor man who is blogging here are one and the same….







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