What’s bugging me about Firefox

Oops. Firefox seems to have deleted my Bookmarks Toolbar folder but not my bookmarks. (See the exciting details here).

I suspect there’s no easy way to fix it, and I’m trying to avoid creating a new Firefox profile. Hopefully some developer will read my problem and come up with a brilliant solution.

While stumbling through things, I noticed this great list of problematic Firefox plugins. Also, I learned about the Firefox sidebar which is kind of cool. But the two things you need to know Ctl  + Shift + S  will cause the Bookmarks Sidebar to appear. Ctl +H causes the Firefox History to appear. Nice to know these things!

Update: I can’t explain why, but the problem fixed itself after the browser crashed. Arrgh!






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  1. Ed Penano Avatar

    Are you aware of FF crashing in Windows 7? It seems to be doing this more often. Any thoughts. Its bugging me…

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