The List is back: Old Gossip Page on wayback machine

A few years ago I came across this hilarious  gossip site and even blogged about it. But the site name “The List” was horribly generic, so much that I couldn’t even search my own site to find out the original URL. (I tried several times).

Quite by accident I stumbled upon my mention of it on my blog yesterday, and so I immediately  checked the URL.  The Geocities link is dead, but through the magic of the Wayback Machine, we see the original List here (Version 6.1, last updated March 31 2004). I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the information here, but in general many  of the casual remarks have been turned out to be true, and the descriptions were witty and fun.  (Apparently there is copious information on gossip sites about people’s tipping habits).

Gosh, it must be hard being a celebrity. They will treat you like trash when you are alive and like an angel after you dead.

It goes without saying, but a lot of really cool sites just die because of the content creator’s neglect or because a free webhost went offline. My friend Michael Barrett still bears an unceasing grudge against me for recommending that he publish items on the now defunct  themestream (more on themestream here). Themestream was a Ponzi scheme back in the days of early Internet giddiness.







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  1. Iceberg Avatar

    Thanks for the link. I’ve been looking for the site for years now. I remember me and my sisters and friends used to go on it and laugh our heads off, then when meeting people in LA (where I’m from) and go to parties would find out most of this stuff was true!!!! Classic 😉

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