Why, Netflix, Why?

I have one question for Netflix. I need an answer. If you click on the movie metadata, you can see other films by the same director or cast member. Why on earth would Netflix not also let you browse by the name of the script writer? They don’t even list it in the metadata.

I remember reading somewhere that in Shakespeare’s time his plays were very famous, and people associated them mainly with the   actors who played the leads – but nobody had  never heard of Shakespeare’s name. Shakespeare wasn’t exactly hiding his identity; in fact he published poetry widely under his name.  Looking back, it seems unbelievable that fans didn’t see what Shakespeare had accomplished in the theatre.  

Maybe someday in the not-too-distant future nobody will know who Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise is, but will fondly remember Glen & Les Charles, Bryan FullerGrant Naylor and Steven Mofatt. Those names don’t sound familiar? How typical. They’re some of the best script writers in the business – but none of them are listed on Netflix. (Thankfully, IMDB does list all of these people… as does Wikipedia).






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