My ipad purchase

I finally did it: I purchased an ipad.  I purchased the 32 gig device without 3g (although the monthly price was tempting indeed).

My main purpose was professional: to see how it would change reading and to test ebook designs on it.  See Craig Mod’s article about book design on the ipad.

I am not a big fan of the multimedia magazine (especially since Conde Nast or Wired or Verve seem to be the only ones with the technical resources to do it). Nor am I a fan of branded ebook readers or the iTunes store. I remain relatively happy with Windows Vista and Vista 7 and my  cheapo cellphone. I don’t mind buying a handful of applications, but I don’t relish the idea of buying a large number of single function applications. Nor do I relish the idea of having to sync things between Windows and the ipad.

On the other hand,  I also look forward to new writing tools like Budding (which like Google Docs or Live Writer are indispensible  to me now). As much as I enjoy the freedom permitted by the e-ink devices, I miss the interactivity and full color of the  world wide web.

I don’t intend to turn into an Apple Fanboy, but frankly, I see no other device that competes in the same category. I’m sure I will find other things to despise about the iPad, but for now I feel the joy of having spent several hundred dollars on something no one has ever seen.







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  1. Jim Thompson Avatar
    Jim Thompson

    I have 2 iPads on order: a 16GB wi-fi model for my daughter’s combination graduation/birthday present, and a 64GB 3G model for me. I enjoy my iPod Touch so much it’s hard to see not liking the iPad. And on top of that, my MacBook Pro – which is now 2.5 years old and has gone to work with me every day during its life – is now beginning to fall apart, so I would like to retire it. The iPad gives me a replacement for the things I do most with my MBP – Twitter, surfing, email, etc.

    By the way, Robert, my wife and I now each own a nook. The first was a gift from a friend who loved her nook. The second we got because we both kept fighting over the first one. It’s a very flawed device, and yet it’s still a great way to read. It’ll be interesting to see how reading on the iPad compares.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar

    I just checked out the Nook yesterday. It’s a good affordable and interesting device (but it has the craziest 2 panel interface). I agreed it’s flawed, but I found myself wanting one. By the way, check out Calibre ebook management program for rolling your own ebooks.

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