Post-SXSW Linkdump

Lots of small things to blog about.

Allegory of the Cave as a claymation film (3 minutes). Great but it made me realize how much I missed the first time I read Plato!

Here’s  Life after Tomorrow, a  delightful 70 minute documentary about some of the people who starred in the Annie Broadway play as children. This film is pure joy.

From the health care debate, here is Natoma Canfield’s letter to Obama  and an update about her health.

AT SXSW Interactive I saw Dan Roam talk about visual thinking. (Here are his succinct diagrams illustrating the health care debate).  I bought both of his books and found them fascinating. The trick is reading the text and trying to imagine how Roam will illustrate these abstract ideas.  Here is an audio interview with Dan Roam by Moira Gunn.

I just learned that apparently you can use a Pen + pad device to draw over Power Point presentations. You need a USB device costing about $50-75, but it’s extremely helpful, especially if you are trying to do on-the-flaw diagrams.

Sam Greenspan’s 11 Funny Graphs about Twitter.

Although I like idiotprogrammer as a blog name, I would seriously change it to Booby Naked (just because it’s more memorable). Just an idle thought.

Bill Palmer asks how long it will take for the iPad to become a kind of joke:

Hundreds of thousands of people have already plunked down for a device that they can’t even get their hands on until next month, and many of them will go wait in line to pick it up because they don’t want to be in the bathroom when the delivery man comes and risk not being among the first to get their hands on one. The question isn’t whether Apple will sell a million iPads in the first year, but how many millions. As such, the first generation iPad will be consumed by the masses in a way that the first (second, third) generation iPod never was. Here’s the funny part: no matter how well received the first generation iPad might be next month, even if most users consider it to be a gift from above, within two or three years it’ll be considered a joke in comparison to whatever the future iPad lineup looks like at that point.

Some fascinating audio:



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