Sexy Viral Video Film School & Other Funny Stuff

Here’s a 22 minute special “sexy” edition of Viral Video Film School hosted by the always hilarious Brett Erlich.  I wouldn’t watch it while  at work, but it’s the kind of “funny clips”  show which I could easily see on late night TV.  (More videos).

Also, if you’re looking for some sources of mindless humor, check out Oddee, a great photo humor site. See facebook fails, more facebook fails, and still more; bizarre Google search suggestions, crazy wallpaper and stupid yahoo questions. The usual stuff.

A video about how to iron while skydiving (seriously!) Apparently extreme ironing is now another Internet craze. See here, here, and here. (My god, here’s underwater ironing!) I’m guessing that the irons are battery-powered. This will continue to seem hilarious until someone dies from it.

Here’s a high school kid who made a goofy video asking a famous Maxim model to go to the prom with him. Well after another video and another video and  a TV appearance or two, she said yes, and here’s the highlights.

Memoirs of a Scanner (Martinibomb Version) from Damon Stea on Vimeo.






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