Sharks with spiffy web sites

Houston business reporter Loren Steffy warns us that "oil spills…are healthy for sharks" and "some have even set up spiffy web sites" to find clients for class-action lawsuits.

Oh, those spiffy web sites! How I’ve learned to distrust them!

Good news! BP has been demanding that fisherman who want to participate in the cleanup efforts have to sign statements to "“hold harmless and indemnify … release, waive and forever discharge the BP Exploration and Production, Inc., its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, regular employees, and independent contractors … from all claims and damages” arising from helping to clean up the mess that BP has made."

Thankfully, BP has their own thoughtful and sagacious lawyers to counteract the evil done by the nasty greedy lawyer-sharks that threaten to sue   on contingency– another crisis averted!  (Apparently, BP’s anti-shark repellent  is supposed to be highly effective).

Update: Apparently BP has not required fishermen to sign waivers after all in response to public protests.  This is excellent news and might cause a more humane response to the crisis.



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