Switching to Green Geeks!

The changeover hasn’t  taken place yet, but I’ve signed up for shared web hosting at Green Geeks, a 300% green web hosting company.   I had heard about them when I wrote my article about green web hosting for Techblog. Believe it or not, green hosting is practically the same price as non-green hosting (which says more about the low cost of web hosting than Green Geeks). Nowadays, all the web hosting plans look the same if you compare by features (and they all feature cpanel, so they their backends all look the same too). Aside from reading reviews (which tend to be sparse and idiosyncratic), you can never learn about how good a hosting service is until you start using them.  We’re not quite there with cloud computing, and frankly, the time to administer wordpress is trivial – even with the onslaughts of spam.

I’ll be moving this blog within the next week or so. Should be a small hiccup hardly worth noticing.






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  1. Maya Avatar

    Its great that you’re switching to green, and that the cost doesn’t differ much. If thats the case, everyone should do it. Good luck with the move.

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