Reasons to Vote for Bill White instead of Rick Perry

This list is ongoing. I’ll be adding to it over time.


  1. Rick Perry was ranked as one of the worst governors by a national ethics watchdog group.  The Houston Chronicle summarizes: the group said that the governor “allegedly disregarded campaign finance laws and aided a business that was especially generous to his campaign” and “accepted travel and campaign donations from a business that received benefits from his official actions.”  The group also accused Perry of rejected federal economic stimulus money “in a manner that appeared to put partisan politics ahead of the interests of the citizens of Texas” and “has perpetuated the revolving door between government and special interests.”  (Source)
  2. Vile political campaigns. In the 2002 governor’s race against Rick Sanchez, Perry used a negative campaign ad which implied that Sanchez was involved with Mexican drug smugglers (More).  Even though there was no evidence linking Sanchez to this charge and the ad was widely condemned, Perry used this to sow doubt in the minds of white Texas voters.  “What the ads did not mention is that Sanchez helped federal authorities bust the bad guys, and earned the praise of the Reagan Justice Department. In fact, when the ads ran, David Almaraz, the DOJ official who handled the investigation, denounced them, saying, “Perry’s claim is absolutely preposterous and completely false, without any foundation and fact.”(more). Perry also had to settle a lawsuit over possibly illegal campaign contributions during the 2006 campaign (source).
  3. Irresponsible political rhetoric. Perry has  talked of secession several times and when speaking before  a  Tea Party group, called them a group of patriots, “not right-wing extremists.”  (Source). image
  4. Rick Perry has avoided scheduled debates for gubernatorial candidates. Instead, he has opted to get his message out by press conferences and political ads, things which by definition avoid public scrutiny. The refusal/inability to engage in a public debate with your opponent is a sign of political ineffectiveness and a contempt for the everyday voter  (not to mention cowardice).


  1. Perry misused federal education grants that were earmarked  to hire more teachers and instead used them to reduce taxes. As a result of protests by 40 school district superintendents in Texas,  the US congress had to add a special  provision to ensure that Perry would never do such a thing again (More).
  2. In the middle of a $11 billion budget shortfall,  Perry’s administration spent $888 million on new ideologically-pure textbooks that has quickly made Texas the butt of late-night TV (Source). This action led one  political commentator to call Rick Perry “the worst person of the world.”
  3. The Perry Administration refused even to apply for the $700 million in federal funds for the “Race for the Top” school improvement grant program. (Source).  Houston ISD superintendent said “I’m disappointed. It was potentially a lot of money for our state. I’m not one to sell my soul for money, but I have 100,000 kids in Houston who don’t read at grade level, and I don’t agree with people who say resources don’t make a difference.” Debra Kerner, trustee of the Harris County Department of Education criticizes Perry’s rationale  for not applying. “Perry attempts to justify his decision not to sign on to the national education standards by saying that our standards are already high. Again, I ask: If our standards are so high, why do we rank so low?Also according to the comptroller’s Web site, “Texas was the only state in the nation to cut average per pupil expenditures in fiscal year 2005, resulting in a ranking of 40th nationally; down from 25th in fiscal year 1999. Texas is sixth in the nation in student growth. The general student population in Texas public schools grew by 11.1 percent between school years 1999 and 2005, with the largest percentage of growth seen among low-income and minority children. Perry is cutting education funding while our school population is growing. He is playing politics with our schoolchildren, and it is costing our state millions of dollars.”


  1. Rick Perry has been the primary supporter of the Texas Enterprise Fund, a public fund to give cash to companies to create jobs. After Texas distributed $363 million to various companies,  the number of jobs created was disappointing, so much so that Rick Perry’s  office had to amend the original contracts and according to one study, “quietly redefine success.”
  2. 20 of the 55 companies to receive funds from the Texas Enterprise Fund were contributors to the Rick Perry campaign (Source).  In addition, there are allegations that companies made donations to the Republican Governors’ Association – which in turn made campaign contributions to Perry’s campaign.
  3. Amazingly, one beneficiary of the Texas Enterprise Fund was Countrywide Financial who received $20 million from the State of Texas before going bankrupt under allegations of fraud. Not only did Perry approve of giving funds to Countrywide, he actually made a point to give a speech touting it as the fund’s “crowning jewel” (Source). Countrywide later became known for being a primary cause of the subprime loan mortgage meltdown and “has become synonymous with the excesses that led to the housing bubble.”
  4. Rick Perry rejected $556 million in federal unemployment stimulus dollars. (More).  He did it because he felt the fed dollars came with too many strings attached. But that is not the point. The purpose of this stimulus money was to maintain consumer spending in the Texas economy.  The end result is that unemployment taxes were doubled on Texas businesses.
  5. Rick Perry solicited a $250,00 donation from BP to help restore the governor’s mansion. (Source). Later after the BP spill he described the spill as an “act of God” and said that the company  “historically had a very good safety record from my perspective” despite the fact that BP’s violation of safety standards at the Texas City refineries were numerous and well known.  (Source)

Law Enforcement/Justice System

  1. Death Penalty. Rick Perry has mishandled several death penalty cases, but the most egregious is the Cameron Todd Willingham case which many claim is the first recorded case of an innocent man being wrongly executed (See this investigative report). image Perry’s job was to make sure due process has been done for these kinds of cases and to handle last minute appeals.  On the day of the scheduled execution, Perry had received a clear and persuasive report by one of the nation’s leading arson investigators that poked serious holes in the original arson report and suggested the original conclusion was invalid. Rather than order a delay  to consider the matter, Perry decided to ignore the report and let the presumed innocent man be killed.
  2. On the same death penalty case, Perry manipulated the schedule of a scientific review purely for political  purposes. He fired the head of the commission which had the result of delaying their conclusions from being published before the 2010 election. Many commentators say Perry he did this to avoid political cowardice before the election (More).
  3. Wildly unpopular fees on drivers.  As a way to raise revenues, Rick Perry supported the Driver Responsibility Program.  “Under the program, exorbitant state surcharges are attached to citations like speeding, driving without insurance, driving without a license and driving while intoxicated. In addition to paying the fines and court costs associated with the ticket, drivers must pay an annual surcharge ranging from $100 to $2,000 or their license is suspended.” (Source) By all measures the program has been a failure. Texas Tribune reports, “More than 60 percent of $1.8 billion DPS has billed in surcharges has gone uncollected. And some 1.2 million Texans have had their licenses suspended. Many continue driving anyway, without licenses and without auto insurance.”


  1. Rick Perry falsely claimed that climate change legislation would cost the typical Texas household $1200 per year. In fact, CBO and EIA estimate the cost to taxpayers at $180 per household (and potential economics  benefits to Texans run to about $100 per household. (More).  He directed his Attorney General to sue the US government for its EPA CO2  endangerment finding – even though  the Texas  climate expert Perry appointed strongly objected to this action. (I’ve read the Petition (PDF)  to the EPA; its scientific basis is laughable).
  2. Rick Perry, in refusing to implement any state plan to regulate greenhouse gases, has prevented Texas from getting early credit for 42 million tons of emission credits resulting from renewable energy.  Because Texas did not provide a plan when EPA asked for one,  future EPA rules may not take this into account. One environmental group claims that this delay in coming up with a plan may cost Texans billions of dollars  (Source).
  3. Rick Perry has praised the work of major denialist Sen Inhofe and according to his policy analyst “is not convinced” that global warming is a threat. (Source). Asked for elaboration on the scientists who Perry said are abandoning the “global warming bandwagon,” his office listed two dozen recent articles, almost none about scientists. They range from calls for Gore to lose his Academy Award to a posting from the Tehran Times (“Iran’s leading international daily”) stating that Gore doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize because as a senator he voted to authorize the first Gulf War. Despite the fact that almost every  scientific body have endorsed the connection between CO2 and global warming (source) , Perry has continued to imply that the science is unsettled and wrongly states that Climategate casts doubt on this conclusion (source).  In fact, the allegations of impropriety from ClimateChange are false, and even if they were true, it would not undermine the basic conclusion that CO2 is responsible for a large part of global warming (Source).
  4. Rick Perry tried to fast-track the approval process of 11  coal plants for Texas, something Bill White played a part in opposing (more).

Social Services/Welfare/Civil Rights

  1. Perry has argued  against health care reform, arguing that emergency room access is sufficient for those without insurance. In fact, when uninsured people go to the emergency room, they are 21% more likely to die. (More) . It also ends up increasing the cost to taxpayers.
  2. Civil Rights. When the abolish gay marriage referendum passed in 2005, Rick Perry had wholeheartedly endorsed it. Not only was this referendum challenged in the courts, legal experts are predicting that the US Supreme Court will soon  prevent bans on gay marriage in every state. If this happens, then Perry would have endorsed a position that is legally and politically backwards.. that catered to people’s prejudices. It sends a strong signal of intolerance to people inside Texans and outside it. Related: the Texas Republican party platform supports criminalization of gays and even re-enacting an  anti-sodomy law which the US Supreme Court has already forbidden  (More). Although Perry hasn’t  embraced these extreme viewpoints of the Republican party, it’s worth asking whether a party that  embraces such bigoted positions deserve our vote for anything.

Reasons why Texans need to vote for Bill White

  1. He’s not Rick Perry.

(More seriously, I haven’t had time to write that part).

A request to potential commenters: If you are going to make a comment, please restrict your remarks to the claims made above. For example, if you think that “Bill White is bad because X,” your point may very well be valid and interesting, but it is not relevant to this particular post. Over the next few weeks I will try to add positive reasons why I think Bill White is the better candidate of the two.

Another request: If anyone has any funny Rick Perry political cartoons, be sure to forward them to me!







16 responses to “Reasons to Vote for Bill White instead of Rick Perry”

  1. Gary Denton Avatar
    Gary Denton

    Perry is not only avoiding debates he is refusing to answer questions from newspaper editorial boards or submit to journalist interviews. If he can’t control the questions or be assured of unqualified support it is, in his own words, “Adios, mofos.”

  2. Ken Fraley Avatar
    Ken Fraley

    Did you check out the Chronicle article yesterday comparing the two on ethics issues?

    Also, don’t forget the part about Perry signing an executive order requiring all middle school girls to get HPV vaccinations after the manufacturer, Merck pharmaceuticals, gave him a sizable campaign contribution. The man is a prostitute.

  3. Daniel W. Peer Avatar
    Daniel W. Peer

    How does one calculate the total cost of clean energy taxes and legislation? Would you calculate it by how much more in taxes we would have to pay? The increase in our energy bills? The increased cost of other goods produced in the United States due to higher production costs? The negative job impact that a loss of jobs due to outsourcing because manufacturing costs and the need to remain at least marginally profitable? Climate legislation is gonna cost more than the CBO estimates. That point is really aside from the question of whether or not your trust the CBO… even if they’re intent is pure and good, how do you accurately calculate that kind of tax and its effects? And, how does it come to only $80 per year?

    Why would I want Obamacare? How is it a bad thing that Perry opposes that? If I want health insurance, all I need is a job to be able to afford it. It’s only a matter of budgeting. The whole point of the President’s health care “reform” was to try to get single payer because businesses cannot compete with the federal government. I mean, the US govt can print its own money and tax its competitors to make up for any budget shortfalls. Which, leaves us with no choice in the matter of who insures us and leaves the government in greater debt. If you really think about it, the Government doesn’t really ever pay off its debts because that would be deflationary. Everything about Obamacare is bad, except that more people would HAVE TO BUY, not receive free, insurance. It basically forces you and/or your company to pay for insurance, whether you have the money or not. It’s all a ploy to say, “See, single payer is better!” I don’t want the government running my health care and I don’t want to be dependent on handouts to get my health care.

    As long as Bill White is a Democrat, then the he won’t get my vote. We have got to get rid of Democrats, then we can maybe start focusing on actual issues rather than train wrecks like Obamacare and Leftist Judges. Seriously, don’t even think about voting for Bill White. Let him run independently, after Obama and his cronies are removed from power.

  4. Liberal Masochist Avatar
    Liberal Masochist

    I was on the fence about Rick Perry, but this article actually highlighted nothing but good in him. Wow, thanks for opening my eyes and converting me from someone who referred to him as Zoolander, to someone educated about his stances against wasteful spending, the carbon tax scam, the homosexual agenda, and federal indoctrination. Rick Perry has my vote!

  5. Robert Nagle Avatar

    (I had a private correspondence with Mr. Pear where we discussed a lot of things having to do with climate change and Perry). My general complaint about his comment and that of Liberal Masochist is that they are engaging in political rhetoric full of assertions and not really challenging the statements I have made. That is lazy logic.

  6. julylady2010 Avatar

    I have only lived in Texas for one year, but this is what I have observed and heard; the requirement part about Perry signing an executive order requiring all middle school girls to get HPV vaccinations after the manufacturer, Merck pharmaceuticals, gave him a sizable campaign contribution, supposedly he owns and gets paid along with other parties, everytime one of us takes the toll roads around Houston. I did not know about the death penalty debacle, nor the Countrywide issue. I think Texas ought to fire Rick Perry and get a REAL governor, one who deals honestly.

  7. whybillwhite? Avatar

    So far, you haven’t said anything good about Bill White. You haven’t given the voters any reason to vote for him. That doesn’t help us make a better choice for whom to vote for to be the next governor of Texas.

  8. Robert Nagle Avatar

    (I’m working at it; when I have a fair moment, I will certainly add more pro-White reasons.

  9. david mercer Avatar
    david mercer

    rick cut my unemplopment benefits. rise my hunting and fishing licence, built more coal power at calaveras lake, now fish are dieing out there, state let them make lake mcqeeney private, now mexicans taking over falcon.

  10. michelle from SAC Avatar
    michelle from SAC

    i am a full time student and a single mother, how does voting white benefits me & others like me?

  11. Jordan Avatar

    From my standpoint this looks like an ignorant ongoing list of bashing the Governor of Texas. You have yet to prove why I should vote for Bill White, only why I should not vote for Perry. This is an extremely biased article that forces readers into some imaginary corner you have declared with your oh-so-clever logic. My proof? Why your own words of course. “If you think that “Bill White is bad because X,” your point may very well be valid and interesting, but it is not relevant to this particular post. Hmmm. So let me get this straight. You believe it’s alright to discredit Perry’s position without fully investigating every angle of your argument yet require commenter’s to purposefully hold-back their opinions because “you haven’t had time” to write the reasons why Texans should vote for Bill White? Make the time sir. Not only Texans, but Americans should be fully informed and not blinded by mediocrity carelessly strewn from a pen.

  12. Robert Nagle Avatar

    I’ve written Jordan back by email, but I’ll make two comments:

    Jordan did not rebut any of the statements I made — merely complained about my comment policy.

    It is true that I did not find time to write some positive reasons to vote for Bill White. (something I regret). But I regard some of the reasons listed as being absolute disqualifiers. I would never vote for ANY candidate who denies global warming, commits ethics violations repeatedly, refused to take action in the Willingham case, or endorsed gay marriage bans.

    If a Democratic candidate did ANY of these things, it’s doubtful that I would vote for him/her regardless of how much better — relatively speaking — this candidate was.

    It’s generally true that you vote for the lesser of the two evils. But there are cases when something the candidate has said or done is so repugnant that you would not vote for the candidate under any circumstances. This is such a case.

  13. Jordan Avatar

    Well truth be told sir, I am not qualified to be fully informed on the subject of voting because I am only 14. I was only alarmed by your method of persuading readers to vote in one particular direction and felt it necessary to express my opinion. It seems I get my feathers in a ruffle easily!

  14. Jordan Avatar

    Oh, and even though I lost all credibility to my argument by the admittance of my naivety of the subject, you have yet to produce positive reasons to vote for Bill White and…the results are already in. Just thought I’d go out with a bang.

  15. Robert Nagle Avatar

    Jordan, I say this sincerely, bravo for taking an interest in politics at that age. (I did send Jordan some affirmative reasons by email).

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