The Keys to the City are Yours

I have many opinions about Wikileaks,  none of which are original or interesting (if you want that, try here, here, here, here, here, here and  here).

What I find more interesting (and disturbing) is the reappearance of Anonymous to defend Wikileaks. Three  thoughts:

  1. If a bunch of anonymous hackers can take down several notable sites so easily, how can owners of smaller sites rest at night?
  2. Although I’m glad that the New York Times is finally tackling Anonymous, it would be harder for bloggers and smaller sites to speak with such candor (especially since Anonymous is so arbitrary about its targets).
  3. I have to wonder whether Anonymous will ever go legit (especially against such obvious targets like the Chinese government). How easily could an anonymous flashmob movement be manipulated to carry out an attack on behalf of a  well-funded  interest?

Related: Tom Scott envisions a flashmob nightmare scenario.




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