Month: January 2011

  • Southwest Drupal Summit

    By the way, I will be attending the two day conference about Drupal content management on Thursday Jan 27 and Friday Jan 28. It’s in Houston – horray! I am currently working on a drupal site and writing a book review on several Drupal 7 technical books. More about that later.

  • A few notes about posts and fonts, etc

    Out of sheer boredom I have decided to change the font of my blog to one of the new and sexy Google fonts. Instead of Georgia fonts (which looked perfectly fine, I’ll admit), I’m changing to Cantarell for the blog posts and Cardo for headlines and stuff. Let me know if it looks wretched. (I’m…

  • A Call to Action

    Chris Hedges (author of  the great book, War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning) wrote this about our current political landscape: Either we begin to militantly stand against the coal, oil and natural gas industry or we do not. Either we defy pre-emptive war and occupation or we do not. Either we demand that…

  • Learning Games, Apps & Ebooks for Kids on the Ipad

    When I visited the kids’ library at  Houston Public Library last week, I learned 2 amazing things from children’s librarian Sandy Farmer: wii games were available for in-library checkout, and the library   would soon be lending out ipads   stocked with apps and games especially for kids. What a grand idea. I can vouch that kids…

  • Site Migration complete

    Finally,  my move to the new hosting service is complete. I’ll be back with a roar soon.