A few notes about posts and fonts, etc

Out of sheer boredom I have decided to change the font of my blog to one of the new and sexy Google fonts. Instead of Georgia fonts (which looked perfectly fine, I’ll admit), I’m changing to Cantarell for the blog posts and Cardo for headlines and stuff. Let me know if it looks wretched. (I’m using the thesis theme framework for wordpress, and version 1.8 doesn’t include some of the fonts I’ve been salivating over – such as Philosopher, Merriweather and Ubuntu. But this is fine for now).

Another thing. My blog home is loading slowly; it may be related to too many images. This problem should go away as I add more posts over the next few weeks.






One response to “A few notes about posts and fonts, etc”

  1. Erica Avatar

    Oh Robert – I really like the new fonts 😉 SNAZZY.

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