Quick Update–Banned by Facebook!

Long time away from my  blog. To summarize:

  1. For 8 days my Internet provider mistakenly shut off my Internet service.  It has been hellish.
  2. Facebook has decided that this blog is “abusive,” and so blocked any attempt to link to a blogpost in it.  I speculated that a right-winger might have done it as a prank, but honestly, I have no idea.
  3. My bluetooth keyboard died a few days ago, making it impossible  to write things on the bus anymore.
  4. I have  been busy trying to figure out this. I still haven’t figured it out, but I will by next week.  Update: Yes, I did – but it took 2 weeks!
  5. I have been twittering quite a lot, though mainly about ebooky stuff.
  6. I have since bought a Nook Touch and a Kindle 3.  I am overflowing with ebook readers.  Here is a list of portable reading devices I have owned: ebookwise 1150, Sony Reader 500, Sony Reader 505, Dell Axim (3 copies—I kept buying old  copies off ebay), the Bookeen Cybook, Ipad, Nokia 770, Nook Touch and Kindle 3.  That’s 10 devices – (actually 12 if you include the extra Dell Axims). The devices which have given me the most pleasure have been 1)ipad, 2)ebookwise 1150 (what a sexy device) , 3)Dell Axim (obviously – except for its flakey wifi) and 4)Nook Touch – which is really a stylish minimal device.   (By the way, if you’re in the market for a good ebook reader, the $179 refurbished Nook Color is a phenomenally good deal).

Until my keyboard broke, I have been writing a storm on the bus on the way to work. Most of these pieces should find their way to the blog pretty soon. (These are nonbloggy literary kind of things, but I plan to do an  honest-to-god blogpost this  weekend – for old time’s sake; it should be wicked!) Update:  No, I didn’t write that post, although I did straighten up this, watched this, and this , in addition to testing various Kindle stuff  and realizing  that I needed to change all my templates.  I also    almost cleaned my dining room, Almost. 

A teaser: my collection of how to find reviews of free & cheap ebooks!






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