Month: January 2013

  • Best Happy Birthday Songs: I am Super Psyched!

    You may not be aware that Free Music Archive is running a contest to identify some excellent birthday songs. There’s a real need for restaurants,  moviemakers and radio people to identify a song which can be sung royalty-free at any time. Out of the 137 songs, here are my 10 favorites. They are all great.…

  • Chance Encounter with a Genius (or Two)

    Thoughts on Geniuses and Prodigies who leave the world prematurely. By Texas literary blogger Robert Nagle.

  • Free short story collection by Jack Matthews

    Regular visitors may already know that my small ebook publishing company (Personville Press) has been publishing several ebooks by the Ohio author Jack Matthews. I have actually been working hard on doing that (which explains why I post so rarely here).  I am actually working on several titles with Mr. Matthews now (the most recent…