Month: April 2013

  • Emusic: (Personal Music Finds) By Robert Nagle

    Jan 2021 Update. This page has become unwieldy (duh!), so I’m going to write a monthly blogpost of musical finds (on youtube, emusic, bandcamp, etc). So December 2020 will be my last entry here. The rest of them are found in my Musical Discoveries January 2021 #1 post and my other Musical Discoveries posts .…

  • Professional Ethics (My Most Expensive Blog Post Ever!)

    I am linking to it casually (and making only superficial comments), but this  professional code of ethics I have developed about working for the energy industry is one of my most important (and most expensive personally).  I live in Houston, which is basically the center of many energy companies, most of which deal with fossil…

  • Linkdump from Facebook 2

    Here’s some dumping from Facebook onto my blog.  (Warning: very long!)  (This is the 2nd installment. See the first linkdump)