This blogpost is NOT irrelevant — my main reader is ….. ME!

I have been away from blogging for a long while — stay tuned!  (though I have been blogging here for the new creative writing class I’m teaching — That’s right, I teach creative writing at an Houston middle school).

It’s an obvious point really, but even though I haven’t had time for blogging in the last year, I do check my blog often — all the time, in fact. Mostly I use my blog to keep track of stuff. Links usually (like my ever-expanding music collection), but also things I have already written. I like to update/correct my old stuff; I have planned a major addition to an important blog post from about a year ago.

Sometimes I just read my old stuff to reminisce and remind myself what a brilliant guy I am/was. Call it vanity,   I always am delighted  to rediscover a phrase I used several years ago or how something I said a long while back still holds true today. Actually the world is always changing — accelerating — and you almost assume that anything written more than a second ago has to be  irrelevant. I am not irrelevant! — not now at least…

This time of my life  is probably something I will describe at great length in a year or two. (It reminds me of the experience of watching Michael Apted’s Up Series and realizing that you don’t find out what had REALLY been going on that person’s head   until the next episode 7 or 14 years later. Have patience, my friend.

Three other random notes. 1.  Drupal 8 is slowly crawling into a beta. AFT.  The final release is probably just going to be one big anticlimax, although I’m eager to climb onto that platform.  2. I am at a loss to explain why, but 99% of this blog’s  comment spam arrives at one rambling and inconsequential post. (Akismet successfully swallows up so none of it shows up — thanks, Matt!)  I realize that comment spam assaults web applications relentlessly and indiscriminately, but if someone can explain what’s so awesome about this  particular post, I’m all ears.  3. Looking back, I am so glad I didn’t embed my youtube links into posts. It is always a bummer to see the embedded youtube player  in old posts linking  to nothing — especially when the video is usually still up on youtube — except at another URL. (Google, get working on that one please!).

That’s all folks, and I’ll report back in half a century. In the meantime, you can watch one of my favorite What’s My Line episodes.







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